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HackCampus do a great job of vetting the interns, and making sure they're good enough to work at your company.

Salim Hamid
Lead Technical Recruiter, Deliveroo

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Working with interns gives us a number of benefits, and HackCampus makes it easy to work with interns.

Donovan Frew
CTO, Secret Escapes

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HackCampus is different from recruiting channels because they did a lot of the work up front.

Andy Dawkins
Head of Technology, MyOptique

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Develop leadership skills in your tech team

Being an effective tech lead and mentor can only be learned with hands-on experience. Taking on interns is a highly effective and low-risk way to develop essential mentoring and leadership skills in your tech team.

Prototype new ideas & tools for your business

Every tech team has projects that would be "nice to have", but don't have the resources to complete. Interns are a perfect choice for implementing prototypes of such projects, such as internal tools, or adding features to existing products.

Raise your company's profile among the most talented students

Many of the students that have taken part in the programme are heavily involved in student societies, and participate in dozens of student hackathons across the country. Make sure your company gets mentioned when employers get discussed among students.

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